The New “Ode to New York City” by Taylor Swift!


When you think “ode to New York City,” you think Frank Sinatra or Jay Z and Alicia Keys right? Are you ready to add Taylor Swift to that list? We are:)

The singer is following up “Shake It Off” with “Welcome to New York,” which, as the title suggests, is all about showing some major heart emojis for the Big Apple. The song preview comes just days after T-Swift teased its release with an Instagram photo of her taking in the NYC skyline.

Of course, Swift’s got plenty to love about New York. It’s where she has her swanky Manhattan home. It’s where she met Karlie Kloss, who soon became her #1 BFF. And, you know, it’s just the kind of place any gal who is approaching her 25th birthday would love to be.So, what about the song? Well…
In true Swift form, it’s pretty catchy. The “It’s been waiting for you” line is suitably inspiring, and the electropop beat is a fresh take for the country crooner. In other words, you’d better get used to hearing it on your wireless speakers, because this song will be blaring everywhere and anywhere for the next couple of months.Welcome to your new ear candy.

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