#WIT of 2014


By Stellé Audio CEO Anna Perelman


The topic of Women in Tech, or #WIT as it’s come to be known, has dominated the year’s news coverage and graced the pages of my most-read fashion magazines. I have been so inspired this year by female powerhouses succeeding in the technology industry and, enhancing landscape of tech altogether.  We know of course of the significant contributions made by Marissa Mayer of Yahoo and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook.   Below is a collection of a few more of my favorite women who also are blazing the trail and redefining the culture of technology. This list is in not meant to be all-inclusive, just a small sampling some of the many innovative and hard working women in the field today that prove technology is a woman’s game.

  1. Katie Jacobs Stanton: The VP of Global Media for Twitter is the go-to contact for media outlets looking to partner with Twitter.
  2. Britt Morgan-Saks: As head of artist services in North America for Spotify, Morgan-Saks explains the business model of the world’s biggest music subscription service to artists and managers.
  3. Jennifer Pahlka: Founder and Executive Director of Code for America, which matches software geniuses with U.S. cities to reboot local services.
  4. Adi Tatarko: CEO and co-founder of Houzz, a platform for home remodeling, bringing together both professionals and homeowners via mobile, local and social tools.
  5. Debbie Sterling: Female engineer and founder of GoldieBlox, a toy company out to inspire the next generation of female engineers.
  6. Melody McCloskey: Co-founder and CEO of StyleSeat, the largest online marketplace for beauty and wellness services.
  7. Brit Morin: Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Brit + Co., an online DIY community/e-commerce company based in San Francisco
  8. Kay Koplovitz, supports women technology entrepreneur
  9. Susan Wojcicki: CEO of the world’s largest video platform: YouTube
  10. Ruzawana Bashir: Founder and CEO of Peek.com, a digital travel company based in San Francisco that curates high-quality activities and trips to make them easily bookable online

Written By Anna Perelman

CEO and Co-Founder of Stellé Audio








Anna Perelman is CEO and Co-Founder of Stellé Audio, a technology company that brings together a rare design-forward point of view to the audio industry. With a creative drive to develop audio products that bridge the gap between music, technology and design, Anna heads a talented team of industry leaders responsible for creating elegant, stylish products that deliver premium sound.




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