beats studio buds one side not working right or left

Not getting any sound from the left or right earbuds of Beat Studio Buds. Many users complain that they’re only getting sound from the left or right earbud, and the other one is not working at all. In this video, we will show you the best way to fix the ‘one earbud not working on Beat Studio Buds’ problem easily.

Preliminary Checks

  • Check Charge: First, make sure both earbuds have proper charge. If either the left or right Beat Studio Bud does not have proper charge, it can cause the problem, and it can stop working.

Troubleshooting Steps

Recharging Earbuds

  • Recharge: If one earbud does not have proper charge, then make sure to put both earbuds in the case, then close the lid and wait for 5-10 minutes, and your problem will be fixed.
  • Cleaning the Case: Also, after keeping the buds in the case, if they are not charging, then you need to clean inside the case and the buds properly, and you have to make sure both earbuds are properly put in the case so they can be charged.

Adjusting Audio Balance

  • Adjust Audio Balance: If your iPhone’s audio balance is not set properly, then it can cause a problem with your Beat Studio Buds’ balance. Now to fix it, open settings, go to accessibility, scroll down, tap audio visual, turn off mono audio, swipe down. Make sure the balance slider is in the middle. If it is on the left or on the right, then one Studio Bud will not work. Make sure the balance slider is in the middle properly, and it should fix the problem.

Updating Firmware

  • Check for Firmware Update: If there is a new firmware update for your Beat Studio Buds, it can cause a problem. Make sure your Beat Studio Buds are up to date. To check that, open settings, tap Bluetooth, tap on the icon beside your Beat Studio Buds, check the version. Now, open a browser of your choice. Now, search for Beat Studio Buds firmware version. Now, check any of the links. As you can see, the latest version is the same as our Beat Studio Buds. It is not the problem. But if the version is not the same, then keep the Beat Studio Buds close to your iPhone and make sure the lid is open, and you have a good internet connection. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes, and the firmware will be updated on its own, and the problem will be fixed.

Resetting the Earbuds

  • Disconnect and Reset: If nothing else works and one of your Beat Studio Buds is not working at all, then you need to disconnect the device, open settings, go to Bluetooth, tap on the “i” icon beside Beat Studio Buds. Tap Forget this device. Again, tap Forget this device. Now, open your Beat Studio Buds. Make sure both earbuds are in the case. Now, you will see this button here. Press and hold the button in the case. Keep holding it until the light starts to blink red and white. Now, connect your Beat Studio Buds again. Tap done, and your problem will be fixed.


Guys, these are the ways you can easily fix the left or right Beats earbuds not working problem easily. That’s it for now. Hope this video is helpful. If you have any queries regarding the topic, let us know in the comment below and always stay with our channel. Thank you.

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