Bluetooth Earbuds Not Charging In Case

I hope everyone had a great summer. Lockdown’s over. Thank God. I was so excited to get out of my house.

Personal Update

  • Vacation: I took a super long vacation.
  • Disconnecting: I disconnected and I recharged.

Today’s Topic: N-Pal Flames Solos

What I haven’t done is bought any new earbuds for several months. But that brings me to today’s video. These are the N-Pal Flames Solos. These are my favorite running earbuds that I use all the time.

The Problem: Earbuds Stop Charging

But it happens to all of us. Our favorite earbuds stop charging. That is a real pain in the butt when it’s a $250 pair of Power Beat Pros or a $150 pair of Samsung Galaxy Bud Plus.

Cost Considerations

  • Low-Cost Earbuds Failure: But what if it’s your favorite running earbuds that cost like $39, $29, and they stop working?
  • Does Cost Matter?: Does it matter that it only costs $29? Does it matter that Amazon doesn’t even sell MPO products anymore?

Emotional Impact

  • Attachment to Earbuds: Does it matter that I have a dozen suitable replacements for these earbuds? No, it still sucks, right? You pop these off, you pop them out of the case, you’re hoping to supercharge your run, your workout, or whatever.

Common Issues and Solutions

Blam. Like nothing. You put them on, no charge. It’s usually just one of the earbuds. Sometimes it’s a me problem. I just didn’t seat them on the charging post correctly, but sometimes it’s not. Sometimes they just fail.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Try a Reset: What can you do? You try a reset.
  • Try a Reboot: Try a reboot. Reboot your computer, reboot your earbuds.
  • Manual Reference (RTFM): RTFM, bro. It’s in every manual that you got. RTFM, it’s in there. That’s how you reset them. Don’t ask.
  • Fully Charge the Case: And sometimes you just need to fully charge the case. I’m talking fully charge the case for 24 hours.

Specific Issue: Discoloration and Cleaning

My Impal Flames Solos have these two connect patches on here. They’re supposed to be copper-colored. Now, what happened to me is one of them started to look a lot darker-colored.

Cleaning Method

  • Possible Causes: For whatever reason, I don’t know. I don’t know if it was sweat, earwax, lint buildup from putting them in my pocket.
  • Cleaning Process: Try cleaning that patch. It’s pretty simple, right? You clean them with a little bit of a damp tissue, a Q-tip, maybe a non-abrasive pad just to get them each clean and look back to that original color.

Result of Cleaning

  • Success: And once you do that, I think that means that their conductive ability should be restored. This 100% worked on my Impal Flame Solos, they had one that was almost black and it was tough to clean.

Personal Preferences and Closing Thoughts

These flame solos are my go-to buds for running. I love the actual controls on them. I love the awareness that I get while running where the heck are the controls? When I want… I mean, they’re not perfect. These let in a ton of wind noise.

Reminder on Earbuds’ Lifespan

All right, no matter what you do, do remember that true wireless earbuds are all going to die an early death. You drop them, you crush them, you step on them, been there, done that. The sweat will ruin them, and the rechargeable batteries will just die at one point in time.

Realistic Expectations

  • Duration: They just don’t last very long. In my opinion, if you get a year out of a pair, you are doing great.
  • Value for Money: You got your money’s worth. I know that stinks if you pay $250, but for me, I have never had a pair last longer than that.

Proper Disposal

  • Recycle: And when they do die, remember to recycle them properly. They aren’t just drop-in-the-trash things. They are recyclable.

Conclusion and Invitation for Comments

All right, let me know in the comments if you’ve got another way to save your partially dead earbuds from an early death. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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