How To Connect Skullcandy Dime With Android Phone

Hello. In this video, I want to show you how to pair your Skullcandy Dime with an Android smartphone.

Entering Bluetooth Settings

To do this, let’s enter Bluetooth on our smartphone first.

  • Access: Go to the notification bar or settings.
  • Enable Bluetooth: Locate the Bluetooth and make sure that it’s on.

Preparing for Pairing

Now scroll to the bottom of the page, and here it’s time to open the case and remove both of the earbuds.

Checking Current Connection

Now, let’s look if I already connected them. I don’t think so, and they should enter pairing mode instantly.

Initiating Pairing Mode

If not, you might need to perform such an action like double press take one earbud, double press on this button right here, and then hold it for four seconds. So like that.

Confirming Pairing Mode

Now they should enter pairing mode, and we can click on “Time Black” to pair them.

Conclusion and Invitation

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1Access BluetoothGo to notification bar or settings, locate Bluetooth and ensure it’s on.
2Prepare EarbudsOpen the case and remove both earbuds.
3Check ConnectionLook if the earbuds are already connected and ready for pairing.
4Initiate PairingIf not automatically pairing, double press and hold the button on one earbud for four seconds.
5Pair with DeviceOnce in pairing mode, click on “Time Black” on your smartphone to pair.
6ConfirmationEnsure the earbuds are paired and functioning.

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