how to connect Skullcandy Sesh with Samsung Galaxy phone – Android 10 or Android 11

What’s going on in this video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to set up or connect the Skullcandy Sesh wireless earbuds. These guys right here, the one that looks like these, with a Samsung phone that is currently with either Android 10 or Android 11. Okay, so this tutorial is only for Samsung phones with Android 10 and Android 11. I’m positive it works with these two phones this way. Okay, so let’s go ahead and get started.

Preparing the Earbuds

Before you actually do anything with your phone, first and most importantly is to get these earbuds into a pairing mode state.

  • Initial Check: Normally, if you take them out of the case and you do this like that, they should start to flash with these blue lights and then eventually enter into a pairing mode.
  • Forcing Shutdown: Let’s go ahead and force them to shut down. So that’s the first step. So shut them down. You’ll hold down the physical buttons right there. Hold it down until they flash in red.

Entering Pairing Mode

  • Holding Physical Buttons: Once they’re off, while they are in the off state together at the same time, you’ll press down on these two physical buttons. You’ll hold it down for at least two seconds.
  • Wait for Flash: During the time when you’re holding it down for two seconds, you’ll notice how they both will flash in blue.

Pairing with Samsung Phone

Now we will dive into the Bluetooth settings of our Samsung phone. It can be an A12, an A20, whatever model it is you have, make sure it’s Android 10 or Android 11.

  • Quick Panel Access: Use the Quick Panel Access here and look for the Bluetooth option here. When you see it long press it, and this will take you into the main Bluetooth settings here.
  • Enabling Bluetooth: Turn that on. As you do that, it’s going to start searching for nearby devices. You should see the Sesh appear here and just tap on that.

Completing the Pairing Process

  • Pairing Request: You’ll get that pairing request. Just wait for that. Press pair and it’s going to say pairing and then it’ll show you that it’s connecting and it’s going to show you the volume appears and Sesh connected for calls and media audio.


And for some of us, in some cases, maybe you did not do the long press together properly and it didn’t pair up like how it should. Just pay attention to the right side because in some cases the right side may have not been paired up, just the left side.

  • Indicator Watch: Watch the light indicator here. If it’s still flashing in blue, that means it’s just like in an idle mode searching.
  • Syncing Both Sides: To get this thing sync together with the left side, just make sure they’re both in your ears. And the right side, you’re going to long press it. While it’s in your ears, you will hear a tone sound play.

Finalizing the Connection

As soon as you hear that tone sound, just quickly let go of the button, and then you will hear that it’s synced with the left side, giving you full-on paired-up mode. They’re going to be syncing to each other, paired up, and you’ll hear audio coming out from both of them.


Alright? So that’s pretty much it for this tutorial. Hopefully, it helped you out, and thanks for watching.

This table outlines the process in a clear, step-by-step manner, making it easier for users to follow and understand what they need to do.
StepActionDetails1PreparationEnsure your Skullcandy Sesh earbuds are in pairing mode.2Forced ShutdownIf earbuds are not in pairing mode, hold down physical buttons until they flash red indicating they are off.3Entering Pairing ModeWhile earbuds are off, press and hold the two physical buttons for at least two seconds until they flash blue.4Access Bluetooth Settings on SamsungUse Quick Panel Access to long-press the Bluetooth option and enter the main Bluetooth settings.5Enable Bluetooth & ConnectTurn on Bluetooth to search for devices, select ‘Sesh’ when it appears, and complete the pairing request.6Troubleshooting Left & Right SyncIf only one earbud is connected, long press the unpaired side while in your ear until you hear a tone, then release to sync.7ConfirmationCheck both earbuds are connected and producing sound.

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