How to Factory Reset Vizio Sound Bar

Hey, guys, this is going to be a really quick video just walking you through how to factory reset your Vizio soundbar.

Understanding the Implications of Factory Reset

Make sure you actually want to do this because when you do a factory reset, it’s going to erase all the settings and preferences that you have set with this particular device. So again, just make sure that you want to do this.

Step-by-Step Guide to Factory Reset

And then for that factory reset, you just need to hold down two buttons at the same time.

Step One: Identify Buttons for Reset

  • Buttons for Reset: It’s going to be the Bluetooth button as well as the minus sign, which is the volume down.

Step Two: Performing the Reset

  • Action: Just click and hold down both of those buttons for about five or so seconds.

Confirmation of Successful Reset

  • Successful Reset Indicator: And you’ll know you are successful when you have all eight LED lights; they’re going to flash three times. And that’s how you know you successfully did the factory reset.

Caution Before Resetting

And again, guys, just make sure that you actually want to do this because it’s going to reset everything back to those factory reset conditions where you’re going to have all of your settings and preferences erased. So if you want to go ahead and do that, that’s the particular process that you’re going to do.

Final Steps for Factory Reset

Again, holding down the Bluetooth button as well as the volume down button, both of those at the same time for about five or so seconds, and that should give you a factory reset.

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