Only one Bluetooth earbud works at a time (Audio from One Side)

In this article, I will go through how to fix sound coming only from one earbud (audio from one side). Let’s see how to fix it. I’ll show you four or five steps, so read this article carefully.

Initial Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Disconnect Earbuds: The first thing is if your earbud is connected, then disconnect it. Go to your phone and then settings, and go to Bluetooth and connections and disconnect it. Disconnect the earbuds from your phone.
  2. Proper Placement in Charging Case: Now put your earbuds in the charging case in the right position, like the right earbud in the right case and left in the left case. Okay, so here it’s mentioned right-left. Put it correctly.
  3. Reconnect Earbuds: After that, close the charging case and now open the charging case, and then try to connect it. Connect and use it. Okay, these are the first methods. Disconnect and reconnect the earbuds and try to use them.

Advanced Troubleshooting Methods

Method 1: Forget and Reset

  • Forget or Unpair Earbuds: If this method does not work, then the second option is to forget or unpair your earbuds from the phone. Forget or unpair your earbuds from your phone and then put back your earbuds in the charging case like this, and then reset your earbuds.
  • Resetting Earbuds: If you don’t know how to reset your earbuds, then watch a YouTube video about the particular brand of charging case, how to reset. In my case, I have a reset button on the back. I need to press and hold this button for a few seconds to reset my earbuds completely. I can see it, resetting. Let it complete or reset it.

Method 2: Reconnect After Reset

  • Reconnection: After this, you will get the pop-up of earbuds connect. If you don’t get a connection option on the phone, then simply go to settings and Bluetooth and connection and connect it and try to use it. It’s the most powerful method to fix the problem. Okay, so reset and reconnect the earbuds to your phone.

Method 3: Check Charging Pin

  • Charging Pin Issue: If it doesn’t work, then the third method is to check the charging pin. Sometimes the earbuds will not charge properly and it will create the problem. Clean the charging pin of the case as well as the earbuds.

Method 4: Adjust Audio Balance

  • Audio Balance: If it doesn’t work, then the third option is to go to your phone settings and then open the accessibility. Now open the hearing enhancements. Open it, scroll down. In the connected audio, the bar should be in the center. This should be in the center, not left, not right. Okay, so keep it centered.

Method 5: Adjust Sound Settings

  • Sound Quality and Effects: The fourth is if it doesn’t work, then go to your sound and vibration or notification. So whatever option you have like sound, open it, and then open the sound quality and effect. Okay. Turn off the Dolby. If you find anything like Dolby, Atmos, or Dolby gaming, Dolby sound, turn it off and try to use your earbuds.

Conclusion and Further Assistance

If it doesn’t work, then this should be physical damage or any other issue with your earbuds. It’s better to contact the service center. I have shown five methods, so let me know in the comments which option or which method fixed the problem. Thanks for watching, guys. Catch the next video. Please like, share, and subscribe. Thank you very much.

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