How to fix soundbar audio delay

I have recently received a comment from one of my viewers saying after connecting the soundbar to the TV, there is out-of-sync audio. So when the person speaks on the TV, the lips move sooner than the sound coming out. That means there is a delay in the audio. So I’m going to show you two different methods to fix this. It doesn’t matter what brand TV you got or what brand soundbar you got.

Understanding the ProblemBasically, the reason why we get a delay is the TV tries to decode the sound format, such as Dolby Digital or DTS, and by the time it tries to finish the decoding, the video is still playing and the time that the decoding is finished is a few milliseconds later. So that’s why we get a delay. And this usually happens if you’re connecting your soundbar to TV using an optical cable or using HDMI.Method One: Adjusting TV SettingsStep One: Accessing Sound SettingsSo let’s get started. Step number one, press the home button on your remote control, then go to the settings, go to the sound settings, then come down, come down, come down until you find a place called Digital Audio Output.Selecting the Right Audio FormatSelect this and make sure PCM is selected. If you got auto selected, change it from auto to PCM and then select it, then go back and now double-check that your audio and video are in sync.Method Two: Adjusting Soundbar SettingsObviously, on your soundbar, you need to make sure your cable is connected to TV arc on both your soundbar and on your TV. And on your remote control, make sure when you select the source, the source is selected as TV arc.Step One: Accessing Sound ControlBut to fix the delay, you need to touch on your remote control a place called sound control. If you select that, you can change different settings like bass, subwoofer on. So keep pressing the sound control until you get to a setting called audio sync.Adjusting Audio DelayThen it gives you an option in here to adjust the delay. Zero means zero milliseconds delay between the audio and the video. You can increase the delay by pressing this and you can decrease the delay by pressing this. So if our audio comes later, we need to reduce the milliseconds. In my case, the default setting was 300 milliseconds. That’s a big delay. I kept reducing my delay up to around 25 milliseconds and it fixed the problem. In your case, it might be 50, it might be zero, it might be 75. So keep changing the delay until your audio and your video are synced.Conclusion and FeedbackPlease write in the comments below which of the two methods worked for you and what brands you got for your TV and soundbar. If this video was helpful, please don’t forget to watch my other videos in here and also to subscribe in here to support my channel. Until then, bye.

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