How to pair Vizio subwoofer to a Vizio soundbar

Hey, guys. In this video, I’m going to be showing you how you can pair your Vizio subwoofer to a Vizio soundbar. It’s actually relatively simple, so let’s get started.

Step One: Prepare the Subwoofer

  • Flip Over: I’m going to flip this thing over.
  • Power On Check: And you’re going to want to make sure that it’s powered on. You can see that currently it’s powered on because the little LED light there is on.

Step Two: Initiate Pairing Mode on Subwoofer

  • Locate the Pairing Button: So now we want to put it in pairing mode. There’s a pairing button here right next to the little light indicator.
  • Activate Pairing Mode: I’m just going to hold that for about five seconds until the light starts flashing. And once the light is flashing there, that means it’s now in pairing mode.

Step Three: Pair the Soundbar

  • Go to the Vizio Soundbar: So now we’re going to go over to the Vizio soundbar itself.
  • Pairing Soundbar: And once the subwoofer is in pairing mode, all we have to do is hold the power button down for about five seconds until we get three flashes over here on the left-hand side from the indicator.

Confirmation and Troubleshooting

  • Successful Pairing: You can see it just did that. That means our Vizio soundbar is now paired with that subwoofer.

Conclusion and Additional Resources

So I hope this walkthrough tutorial was helpful. I appreciate you guys stopping by. Consider subscribing to the YouTube channel, and I’ll catch you back here next time.

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