How to reset Jabra Elite 7 Pro Left side not pairing

We have here Jabra Elite 7 Pro, with the left side not connecting or pairing to the right side. In this condition, resetting cannot solve the issue. What we need for this type of condition is the Jabra sound application that must be installed on our smartphone. I am going to show it to you, guys.

Current Issue

This is the current condition of this Jabra. This side, the left side, cannot sync with each other. Even if you are going to reset, it is not going to happen. What I am going to do now, I am going to show it to you, guys, how.

Connection Status

This Jabra Earphones is currently connected to my smartphone. It’s connected. As you can see, Jabra Elite 7 Pro is already connected to my smartphone. It’s this side only, but the other side is not connected.

Jabra Sound Application Overview

Let’s go to the Jabra application that I mentioned previously. This is the Jabra sound application. We have to click here over here. As you can see, only the right side is connected to my phone. The left side is not in highlight mode meaning this side is not connected.

Firmware Check

We have to double-check the firmware and the headset firmware, it says up to date.

  • Right Side: There is no need to update this side, the right side.
  • Left Side: This side, it cannot detect what I am going to do.

Troubleshooting Steps

First step, put it back in the case. Go to your Bluetooth, find the Jabra Elite 7.0 that was currently connected with your smartphone. And then you have to unpair it. Unpair. Okay, it’s already unpaired.

Resetting Process

Now we are going to close the lid. Open it. We have to reset it, both sides. Hold it down. Hold it down approximately 10 seconds or more until it blinks, and release. Close. Count five seconds or seven. Two, three, four, five, six, seven. After that, open. Then take out this side. We must put this side in the pairing mode.

  • If pairing doesn’t initiate: Now it’s not getting pairing now. We have to put it back in the case and do the reset for this side only. Hold it down. Hold, hold, hold until it blinks. Okay, release. Close the lid. And then wait for at least five seconds or seven. After that, take out the left side and let’s wait. Sometimes it takes time.

Pairing Mode Indication

Now, as you can see, the blue light is blinking, meaning this state is for the pairing mode.

  • Troubleshooting the Pairing Mode: If this light is not showing, you have to return it back to the case and then take it out again, and you have to wait until it gets to pairing mode.

Smartphone Connection

Now, the left side is in pairing mode. We have to go back to our smartphone. We need to pair this side. As you can see, I have the Jabra Elite 7 Pro. On this and wait, pair. It takes some time now. And then here it is. We are now connected to our smartphone.

Application Revisit

Now we go back to the application. This is the application that we used before. Now the firmware update is ready. Meaning this side requires updating. Update to the latest firmware to get the best performance. We have to update now. Click, Update now.

Reading Instructions

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Update Process

I’m trying to think what we have.

  • Agreement and Installation: We have to wait and then we have to agree to the license agreement. Agree. Updating headset ready to install. Place both earbuds in the charging case and close the lid. The update will start automatically. Keep the charging case closed until the LEDs stop flashing. So close. Put it back and then close. The charging case is blinking right now, flashing. The charging case LED will stop flashing when the update is complete. It’s flashing purple.

Monitoring Update Completion

I’m trying to find out.

  • Confirmation of Update: Okay, so the flashing stopped. I’ll just zoom it out. And it says there the charging case, the LED will stop flashing when the update is complete. So we have to check what’s happening. Okay, I will just close it again. We have to go back.

Post-Update Checks

Okay, it says welcome back, turn on and connect your device. Open. Take it out. Oops, take it out. Okay, guys. Wow! Both sides are in pair mode now. It’s blinking blue. Pair new Jabra. Or you have to go to here on your Bluetooth and unpair this. After that, this is the Jabra Elite 7 Pro. Click on it. There, as you can see, it’s blinking before blue. Now stop and there. Now let’s go back to the application. Connection successful. Okay, there it is, guys. Both left and right are connected.

Audio Check

Let’s check the audio. Audio, where are you? Volume. Wow. There is a sensor here. It will automatically stop. I will just hold the other side. This one is working and this one is working. And this one is working. Wow! Okay, guys. Now I am going to put it back in the charging case, both sides. And we have to double-check if both sides of the earbuds are working properly.

  • Final Verification: I will just close the lid. Let’s go back here. Open. Take it out. Okay. And automatically turn on. Let’s go to the application. Let us check again the software version. Okay, that’s it from there up to date.

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