JBL Charge 5 Not Charging (AI)

Welcome back to our channel, your one-stop for all tech-related issues. If you’re new to our channel, don’t forget to hit subscribe and click the bell icon for regular updates on all things tech. Today, we’re going to tackle a common issue many of you have been asking about: your JBL Charge 5 speaker not charging. Let’s dive right in.

Event PreparationYou’ve got an awesome get-together planned, and your JBL Charge 5 is tasked with delivering those pumping beats. Suddenly, you hear that dreaded low battery alert. No worries, you think, as you plug in the charger. But wait, it’s not charging. Panic ensues. But hold on, we’re here to help you troubleshoot this issue.Understanding the IssueFirst, let’s understand why this might be happening. A charging issue can be due to various reasons, from a faulty power outlet to a problem with the speaker’s internal circuit board. Let’s explore these reasons one by one.Identifying the CauseReasonDescriptionReason one: Faulty power outletFirst, check the power outlet. Is it working properly? You can test it by plugging in another device.Reason two: Broken or damaged adapterNext, take a look at the adapter. Is it damaged or broken? If you have a spare adapter, try using it.Reason three: Faulty charging cableYour charging cable could also be the culprit. Inspect it for any signs of damage.Reason four: Mismatched chargerEnsure that the charger you’re using is compatible with the JBL Charge 5. A mismatched charger could cause charging issues.Reason five: Damaged or depleted batteryA damaged or depleted battery could also be a problem. If your speaker has been overused or overheated, this could be the issue.Reason six: Broken or dirty charging portCheck the charging port. If it’s dirty or broken, it could be preventing your speaker from charging.Reason seven: Firmware bugLastly, the issue could be a firmware bug. Make sure your speaker’s firmware is up to date.Troubleshooting StepsHow to Fix JBL Charge 5 Not ChargingNow that we know the possible reasons, let’s look at how we can fix them. Here are some steps you can follow.Factory Reset InstructionsIf you’ve tried everything else and your JBL Charge 5 still isn’t charging, it may be time to do a factory reset. But remember, this will erase all of your speaker’s memory, including paired devices and settings. So you might want to make a note of those before proceeding.Here’s how to factory reset your JBL Charge 5:
  • Ensure your JBL Charge 5 is powered on.Press and hold the volume up and Bluetooth buttons simultaneously for about five seconds.Wait for the speaker to power off automatically, signaling a successful reset.Power your JBL Charge 5 back on, and it will be restored to its factory settings.
  • After the factory reset, try plugging in the charger to see if the speaker starts charging. If it does, you’ve successfully resolved the issue. If not, it’s time to consider reaching out for professional help.Seeking Professional AssistanceContact JBL Customer Support If you’ve tried all these steps and your JBL Charge 5 still isn’t charging, it’s time to contact JBL customer support. They can provide further assistance or repair options.ConclusionThere you have it. We hope this video helps you get your JBL Charge 5 back in action. If you found this video helpful, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up and share it with your friends who might be facing the same issue.

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