JBL FLIP 6 not turning on

Hello. Hey, guys, I have my JBL Flip 6 wireless Bluetooth speaker here, and I have a problem with it. That is that it doesn’t turn on anymore. So, you press the button here, nothing happens.

You press all kinds of button combinations, and it simply won’t turn on at all. And you may have exactly the same problem. And the good news is that there may be a fix for you.

Necessary Equipment

So the only thing that you do need is a charging cable. So I’m using the original charging cable here.

Connecting the Speaker

Of course, it is connected here to a power source, to a charger on the other end. I’m going to connect this. And if you do the same thing and the speaker, at this point, turns on — it doesn’t really function, but the lights turn on and you hear the jingle — then this is a very good sign that you will be able to fix the speaker. So at this point, you see, it’s not going to connect here with my iPhone, so it just powers on. But other than that, nothing really happens.

Resetting the Speaker

And now all we have to do in order to fix this situation is put one finger here on the Bluetooth button and one finger on the play button. And then we’re going to press and hold both buttons at the same time until the speaker is going to power off again. So this will take several seconds, and you just have to be patient and wait for it to shut off. You see, now the speaker powered off, all the lights are off, and we’re going to disconnect the charging cable again.

Testing the Speaker

And then when we press the power button, see, now it’s going to immediately start up again, and it also reconnects now here to my phone.

Conclusion and Next Steps So we just fixed the broken JBL Flip 6. So yeah, I hope you found this video helpful, and it’s going to fix your speaker, and I’m just going to try to play some music here right away.

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