How to Update JBL Flip4 Firmware

Hey, guys. So I have here my JBL Flip 4 wireless Bluetooth speaker, and there is a firmware update available. So I’m going to show you today how to apply this. And all you need to do this is either an iPhone or an Android phone.

Preparing for the Update

In this case, I’m using here my iPhone. And so before we begin, we, of course, have to turn on the speaker here and connect it to the phone. And then also, I am going to plug this into my charger here. I have the charging cable attached, so it’s charging the battery right now. And you want to also better do this because then you don’t run into the danger of losing power while you’re performing the update here because that would be really bad.

Positioning the Speaker and Accessing the App

So now I just position my speaker here and then I’m going straight to my iPhone. And the one thing that we need here is the JBL Connect app. You do find this here in the App Store and also in the Google Play Store. So in case you don’t have this yet, now is the time to install it. And once you start the app, then this is going to be what you see.

Identifying the Update

So it’s going to look for your speaker and it’s going to find it relatively quickly. And you see on the very bottom, that’s where you see this cogwheel, and next to it is this little red dot. And that indicates that there is a software update available. And if we click on it, then it’s going to show us what the new firmware version number is. And also, we have the option here to see what the latest changes are.

Viewing the Update Details

So you click here on what’s new. And here you see minor bug fixes. And it was released on May 25, 2020. Okay, so now let’s close this pop-up. And all we have to do is press here on upgrade.

Beginning the Firmware Upgrade

And what’s going to happen now? It’s going to download the new firmware and then it’s also automatically going to install it on our Flip 4. And this is going to take a long, long time. So for me, this took over 18 minutes. So the best thing you can do is actually just put the phone down and don’t touch it, don’t play with it, especially don’t leave the application, and just leave the phone alone and leave the speaker both alone, leave them close to each other so that they don’t lose contact.

Waiting for the Update to Complete

And then just basically just walk away and wait for it to complete. So now in this video, I’m going to fast forward this so we don’t have to wait all this time. And so as soon as you’re going to reach 100%, then it’s going to say here, restarting. So it’s going to reset the speaker and it’s going to reconnect eventually. But also, this process here is going to sit in this place for one and a half minutes.

Completing the Update

So I’m also going to fast forward this.

Okay, so now you just heard the jingle that the Flip 4 started back up and it connected back to my phone. And the phone actually says your upgrade was successful. So we can confirm this. And if you want to make sure, then you can press here on this info icon. And there you see here, speaker firmware 3.90.

Conclusion and Next Steps

So the update was successful. We are completely done here. I hope this video was helpful. If you have any more questions, leave a comment below. And don’t forget to check out my other videos.

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