JBL TUNE 120TWS Earbud not charging

Hey, guys. I have here my JBL Tune 120 TWS earbuds. A lot of people have the problem that at least one of the earbuds does not charge after a while. You can see that by the LED here not turning on anymore.

Shared Solution

One user actually told me about a fix or a solution that helped him. I wanted to share this with you guys.

Step 1: Check the Charging Pins

The first thing that he did was that he was checking the pins in the charging case. When you take a close look, then you see here these three pins sticking out, and those are making the contact with the individual earbuds. You want to make sure that all of these pins are first protruding out the same distance. You can see here right now this is the case, but one of them or two of them may just not come out as far. They may be stuck inside, and that may prevent the contact with the earbud to be made. In this case here, I’m just taking these tweezers and I’m pushing and pulling on these pins just to make sure they’re coming out all the way.

Step 2: Clean the Contacts

Now the second thing I do is I’m checking here if the contacts are nice and clean. As you can see here, there’s some dirt and grime on those contacts. I’m just taking here a piece of paper towel or you can take some toilet paper and just wipe them off a little bit. Also, at the same time, I’m pushing the pins in. I’m just making sure that these pins are nice and clean just like this here.

Step 3: Clean the Earbuds

Okay, so now the last and probably the most important test here is to check on the earbuds themselves. If you turn them around then on one of the sides here, you’re going to see these holes here, and that’s where the contacts are to charge the battery of the earbuds. Over time, when you use them, then these holes are probably going to fill up with some earwax and some grime and dirt that is just going to be around your ears. These are going to get dirty and eventually they are going to fill up. What I’m doing here is I’m going to use in this case here the paper clip, and I’m carefully going in there to clean these out. Since the paper clip is made of metal and therefore pretty harsh and hard, I would actually suggest using, for example, a toothpick made of wood just to make sure that you don’t accidentally damage the earbuds or here the charging contacts.

But I just didn’t have a toothpick at hand, so I’m just using here this paper clip. What I’m doing is I just go carefully in there into the holes here and I’m digging out all the dirt and grime out of them. In case you’re wondering, this is actually not earwax, so you don’t have to be grossed out. This is actually just some beeswax that I use to simulate the same situation here. But you can tell here, as soon as I start digging out the scrap here, then you can eventually see all the way down to the bottom of the holes and you can again see those metal contacts on the very bottom. That’s what you want to see here. You want to be able to see those contacts so that the pins of the charging case can reach in there all the way and therefore then make contact with the earbuds and charge the batteries.

Step 4: Reinsert Earbuds

Now after I cleaned out all those three holes and you take a look into them, then you can see the metal again, the charging contacts, which is good. Then we can put them back into the charging case.

Step 5: Troubleshoot if Necessary

In case the LED still does not turn on for you, then try to wiggle the earbuds a little bit in the charging case and then eventually the LED will turn back on and the battery is being charged.

Conclusion and Feedback

I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know if this works for you or not. If you have any more questions, leave a comment below and don’t forget to check out my other videos about these earbuds.

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