JLAB earbuds not pairing together

Hey, welcome back to my channel. So today’s video is actually something that was requested by a viewer. Her name is Jen Cutepic, I hope I said that right. And she basically asked me how to fix your headphones when jlab earbuds not pairing together

Quick Solutions Overview

There are several ways you can fix jlab earbuds not connecting to each other and I’m just going to get straight to the point and make this really quick for everybody.

Ensuring Charge

  • First Step: The first thing you want to do is make sure that they’re both actually charged.
  • Identifying Sides: If you take a look at one of these headphones, they actually have writing on them to tell you what side they go to in the charger.
  • Common Mistake: A common mistake I used to make was I used to put them on the wrong side, which means they weren’t charging.
  • Proper Placement: So we’re going to put them each on the right side. So right and then left.

Understanding Charging Indicators

  • Case Battery Life: These two white lights actually don’t mean that the headphones are charging. This is just the battery life for the actual case itself.
  • Headphone Battery Indicator: The actual battery indicator for the headphones themselves are two blue lights that show up on this side and this side.

Addressing Bluetooth Issues

  • Connection Check: The first thing you want to do is take a look at your headphones. So you see right now they’re flashing this white color.
  • Disconnecting from Other Devices: The first thing you want to do is just go to anything you’ve paired that’s close by or in your room and disconnect these headphones from there.

Forgetting Device on iPhone

  • Navigating to Bluetooth Settings: We’re going to go to settings and then we’re going to click Bluetooth.
  • Forgetting Device: You’re going to press Forget from this device, which means it’ll erase it completely from your device.

Observing Headphone Response

  • Looking for Blue and White Flash: So if you look at your headphones, what you’re going to see is they’re going to stop glowing this white light and they’re going to start flashing right there, this blue and white color, which means they’re looking for a device.

Reconnecting and Charging

  • Connect Charging Port: When you close it, make sure you connect this Bluetooth charging port to a computer or whatever you’re using to charge these headphones.
  • Monitoring Charging Indicators: After 10 seconds, what you’re going to do is you’re going to open this up. There’s the blue light.

Pairing Back to Phone

  • Initiating Connection: Go back on your phone or whatever you want to use. Right here, you see it’s glowing blue and white, and press that.

Troubleshooting Non-Working Side

  • Addressing Non-Working Side: But if you connected to your phone and the other side still isn’t working, you see this JLAP pattern on here?
  • Touch-Sensitive Solution: These are actually touch-sensitive. And whatever side doesn’t work, just hold down or press your finger on the side that isn’t working, on the button or the touch-sensitive side, and just hold it for 10 seconds.

Confirming the Fix

  • Playing Music: The reason why I ask you to put music is because if you do that and it actually connects, you won’t know until you actually start playing a song.

Conclusion and Further Assistance

So that’s the fastest way for you to know. And that’s it. If it doesn’t work, just let me know in the comments section below and I’ll look into it one more time. But that usually always works for me. All right, thank you.


Table 1: Initial Checks and Charging

1Ensure ChargeMake sure that both earbuds or headphones are fully charged.
2Identify Correct Sides (Left and Right)Check for the correct writing on the Charger and identify the Left and Right side
3Place Earbuds CorrectlyPlace each of the earbud headphones on the correct side (L for left, R for right).
4Understand Charging IndicatorsKnow the difference between case battery life (white lights) and headphone battery indicator (blue lights).
*The Blue lights indicate charging. The white lights indicate the battery life of the case.

Table 2: Bluetooth Connectivity

5Check Bluetooth ConnectionCheck if your headphones are flashing white, indicating a connection to a device.
6Disconnect from Other DevicesNow disconnect the headphones from any nearby paired devices.
7Forget Device on iPhoneIf you are using an Iphone like me, use the Bluetooth settings to forget the device completely.

Table 3: Re-establishing Connection

8Observe Headphone ResponseCheck whether the headphones will start to flash blue and white; this indicates they are in search mode.
9Connect the charging portNow connect your Bluetooth charging port to a power source for 10 seconds.
10Monitor ChargingOpen the case after charging to see if the left side shows a blue light, which indicates a low battery.
11Pair Back to PhoneReconnect the headphones to your phone and ensure they are paired.

Table 4: Addressing Non-Working Side

12Troubleshoot Non-Working SideIf one side is not working, use the touch-sensitive or button feature to hold for 10 seconds.
13Confirm the FixPlay music to ensure the previously non-working side is now functioning.

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