JLab Go Air earbud not charging

So this is how to fix a J-Lab earbud that won’t actually charge up. This right-hand one wouldn’t work. I’ve actually managed to fix it. I’m just going to show you the very simple technique that I used.

Reason for the Plaster

  • Bright Lights: If you’re wondering what this plaster on here is for, it’s because the light on them, seriously, you can use them to light up a room. They’re so bright, they keep my wife awake.
  • Ease of Removal: Also, they’re a job to get out of here; the magnet is quite strong, and they’re a bit slippery, and it’s a cambered edge on them. They haven’t got much of a thing. So you can actually, I grip onto that bit of plaster to take them out.

Setup Explanation

So I said it this way, okay? And you see these two little bronze dots, just by chance my son had this little contraption set up to power an electric motor.

Technique for Reviving the Earbud

So I just used the two wires of a 1.5V battery. You could just get someone to pinch them together, a piece of wire on the end of each one. And all you’re going to do is this one is the negative, this one is the positive. I’m not sure which one of these is, but this way round worked.

Steps for Charging

  • Connection: I just touched them on there for about five seconds.
  • Effect: Apparently, that just kicks the backup battery that’s in there back into life.
  • Charging: And then that let me then put it in here, and it started to charge up straight away.
Results and Conclusion

Okay, it’s actually now full, but that’s what happened. So, brilliant. I hope that’s helpful.

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