One Earbud More Quiet Than the Other

So I wanted to talk very quickly today about my earbuds. These are my Galaxy Buds Plus, and I really like them. Although what I just had happen to me the other day is I noticed that one of them, namely the right bud, has significantly lower volume than the left bud.

Incident Description

And I noticed that this happened after I was biking around and I was actually sweating. And I shoved this further into my ear. And then I think what ended up happening was some debris got jammed inside this earbud, and now it’s not as loud as the other one.

Demonstrating the Problem

I can just show you what I’m talking about. So, for example, let me see. Let me see if I can play some music on them. I’m going to crank this up. And I’m going to move my microphone next to me, and you can hopefully hear the difference. So let me move the microphone here next to the left one. See, that seems fine. Now, you put it over here. See, you can see it’s significantly quieter than the other. So what we’re going to need to do is take this guy apart.

Preliminary Steps and Software Fixes

So I’ve actually, and maybe I should mention, I have tried several other software fixes.

  • Battery Drain: I’ve drained the battery on both of these completely and then recharged them. That didn’t fix it.
  • Reset Settings: I tried to reset the settings in the Samsung app. It didn’t fix it.

Conclusion on the Nature of the Problem

So I think it’s not a software problem; it’s a hardware problem.

Disassembly and Cleaning Process

So what we’re going to need to do is take off this rubber fitting here, and now there is this grill here, this metal grill.

Removing the Metal Grate

I don’t know if it’s going to focus on this very easily, but we need to get this thing off. So tell you what, let me get some tools and we’re going to need to get an X-Acto knife and a needle, and we’re going to try to pry this out.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Loosening Grate: All right, so the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to get an X-Acto knife and we’re going to try to gently loosen around this metal grate on the perimeter, and there’s a little bit of glue that is used in here.
  2. Avoiding Damage: Now, we’re not going to push too deep because there’s a barrier underneath that we don’t want to puncture. But we’re just going to basically try to work our way around this and remove a bit of the glue.

Removing Debris

So give me a bit of time to work this around, and we’ll be back in just a second. All right, I think we’ve got that worked out. So now what I can do is I’m just going to use the exact one. I’ve seen other people use a needle to try to basically pick this up, and there we… You see, it’s moving. The metal grate is coming off.

Observations and Further Steps:

  • Grate Removal: Oh, man, I just need to be able to get it out. There we go. There we go. And there, it’s off.
  • Examining Internal Components: Okay, so now let’s take this grate off, and we’ve got it now. See? We’ve got the metal metal grate off. And now what we can do is we can see if we can clean out any debris that’s inside the earbud and see if that clears up some of the problem.

Addressing the Membrane

Okay, so now I want to show you actually the metal grate, if you look on the inside of this earbud, you see how you can see all the way inside the internals of the earbud? Actually, what came off with the metal grate is there’s supposed to be a little membrane.

Cleaning Process:

  • Identifying the Issue: If I flip the metal grate over on the back, you see there’s this black membrane.
  • Removal and Cleaning: So that came off. So I really need to now remove this black membrane from the metal grate because I suspect that’s where the debris is. It’s between the membrane and the metal grate here. So again, give me a second to try to maybe get a little needle and see if I can get this little black membrane here away from the metal grate.

Final Steps and Testing

All right, so as you can see, I’ve got it removed now. They’re separated. So I’m now going to go wash both of these off, both this little membrane and the metal grate, and see if that helps a little bit. So give me a second. I’m going to go wash these off, and we’ll be back.

Reassembly and Results

All right, so we’ve got it all reassembled. I basically just ran it under some water, blew it out with a little bit of compressed air, and then put the membrane and the metal mesh back into the earplug, and then just basically put it back together. So now let’s see how this works. So turn on the music again. Let’s crank this thing up, and I’ll put my microphone right here next to the left one. This was okay earlier.

Final Observation:

Okay, and now let’s go over here to the right earbud. There we go. All right, so there you go. I think we’re back in business.


So this is a quick and easy way to fix your earbuds if one of them turns out to be quieter than the other. So it’s basically just a hardware problem that those little metal grates, the pores seem to get either plugged up or debris gets in there or something like that. You just need to remove it and rinse it off, and then you’re back in business. There you go. Quick, easy video. I hope it was helpful. I’ll sign off and catch you later. Bye.

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