Pairing and Resetting skullcandy Indy True wireless earbuds


In today’s article, I will describe how to reset and pair Skullcandy Indy True wireless earbuds.

Understanding the Problem

Whenever you have trouble pairing your Skullcandy Indy True wireless, it’s usually related to your Bluetooth. This is always true for most true wireless audio buds.

Preparing for Reset

If you have also tried pairing your earbuds to your device, such as your phone or computer, or your earbuds are having trouble connecting, you must reset your Indy True Wireless earbuds to resolve the pairing issues.

Step-by-Step Reset Instructions

First Step

Start by placing your Skullcandy Indy True earbuds in their charging case.

Second Step

Then remove the earbuds from your device’s Bluetooth connected/paired list.

Third Step

Turn off your device’s Bluetooth mode.

Fourth Step

Power only the right Skullcandy earbud by removing it from the charging case.

Fifth Step

Tap the center of the right earbud four times. This will automatically power off the earbud and reset it by clearing all the settings of the earbuds.

Note on Resetting

When it’s resetting, it’s going to light up red and blue, which means it’s resetting and clearing all the information.

Continuing the Process

Once you are done with this process, place the right earbud back in the case.

Next Steps

Now, remove the left Skullcandy earbud from the charging case.

Repeat Steps

Repeat the same steps with the left earbud and place it back into the case.

Final Step

The final step will be to remove both earbuds from the case; they will automatically power on and begin pairing with one another.

Confirmation of Pairing

You’ll hear one beep indicating the earbuds have successfully paired with each other.

Voice Prompt

After that beep sound, there will be a voice prompt that will notify you the Indy buds are now pairing with your device (whether it’s your phone or computer).

Finalizing Pairing

This means it’s searching for your device’s pairing. At this point, you can now turn on the Bluetooth on your device and repair to Indy.

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