Hey guys, we have here our JBL Flip 6, and in this video, we want to explain to you how to use the party boost mode with this speaker. So party boost allows you to connect multiple speakers together, and they’re going to play the same music at the same time.

Understanding Party Boost

And every speaker that has this party boost symbol on it, here the one that looks just like the Infinity sign, is going to be able to be connected here with our Flip 6.

Compatible Speakers:

  • Flip 5: Also has the same symbol here, right at the same spot actually. We’re going to connect this later on.
  • JBL Pulse 4: When we take a look at the top of the speaker then there we find the same symbol. This one has party boost built-in as well.
  • JBL Flip 4: When we take a really close look at this one, then you’re going to see they do have a similar icon here, this one here, right next to the power button. But you see this is not the party boost button.

Note: This is Connect+ and this is a different technology. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be able to connect this flip four with party boost and play them all together.

Setting Up Party Boost

Step 1: Turn On the Speakers

Now let us begin. The first thing you have to do, of course, is to turn on all three speakers that we want to connect.

Step 2: Establish Connection

At this point, it is very important that only one of those speakers that we want to connect together is going to be paired with our smartphone at this time. Right now you see here, we have the Flip 6 connected to my iPhone here, and the other two speakers are not connected to my iPhone, but also they’re not connected to anybody else’s phone like the ones from our friends.

Step 3: Enable Party Boost

Then the next step is to enable party boost on our Flip 6. We can either do this by pressing the party boost button on the speaker, or if you like a more visual way, then we can alternatively do this in the JBL Portable app. Once the app recognizes the flip six, then we’re going to find the party boost option at the bottom of the screen and we’re going to select this.

Step 4: Connect Additional Speakers

In the following screen, we can then enable party boost. Now our flip six is trying to connect to additional speakers.

Connecting Flip 5:

  • Action: Press the party boost button on this speaker.
  • Confirmation: Shortly after we heard the jingle, the two speakers should be connected and we have the visual confirmation in the portable app.

Connecting Pulse 4:

  • Action: Press the party boost button here.
  • Confirmation: We hear the jingle. Also now this speaker is connected and visually confirmed here in the app.

Note: But instead of saying flip five and pulse four at this point, it just says plus more.

Step 5: Verify and Play Music

Okay, so at this point our setup is completed, and we can start playing our music and it’s coming out of all three speakers. Let me show you this. You can’t really hear it in the video, but when I show you the passive radiators on the Flip 6 here. So this is the one that’s connected to the phone. You see the passive radiator moves as the music is playing. Then the same here with the Flip 5. See, this is vibrating as well.

Then also here the Pulse 4. I don’t know, right now it doesn’t really move much because of the music, but you see here the animation of the speaker lighting here is also enabled. So that means this one is playing as well.

Advanced Feature: Stereo Mode

But there’s one more feature in regards to party boost that we have not talked about yet, and that is the Stereo mode. This feature is only accessible through the JBL Portable app, and we find this here in the center of the screen. And as the name suggests, this mode allows two speakers to play in stereo.

Important Detail for Stereo Mode

But one really important detail in regards to the stereo mode is that it only works when you have two of the exact same speakers. So in this example, we would have to have two Flip 6s in order to enable stereo mode. But right now we do have a Flip 6 and a Flip 5 connected together and this will not allow us to use stereo mode. So when we try to enable it, we’re going to see here this pop-up telling us that we’re not able to use stereo mode.


Okay, so this was already it for this video.

I hope you found the information helpful. And if you have any more questions or comments, then please leave a message below.

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