Vizio Sound Bar Remote Not Working

Hey, guys. This video is going to walk you through four different steps to troubleshoot whatever issue you might be having with your Vizio soundbar remote. And hopefully, one of these steps is able to fix the problem that you’re having.

Step One: Ensure Clear Pathway

  • Clear Pathway: Really simply, just want to make sure there’s a clear pathway between the Vizio soundbar remote and the soundbar itself so that there’s no blocking of that signal from the IR sensor that’s on the Vizio soundbar.
  • Direct Path Check: Now, if you’re having a direct path and it’s still not working, then move on to step number two.

Step Two: Power Cycling the Soundbar Remote

  • Removing Batteries: To do this, just pop the back off and then remove the batteries out of the back.
  • Clicking Buttons: And then once the batteries are out, to power cycle the remote, just go ahead and click on every single button two times.
  • Reinsert Batteries: Then once you do that, that’s going to power cycle the remote. You want to put the batteries back in and then close the back of the Vizio soundbar remote and then see if that fixed your issue and click some buttons and see if things are working at that point in time.

Step Three: Replacing Batteries

  • New Batteries: If that doesn’t fix your issue, then the next thing that I would try is simply, again, taking the batteries out of the remote and replacing them with new batteries.
  • Testing: Over time, the batteries are going to die, so put some new batteries in, see if that ends up fixing the issue.

Step Four: Power Cycling the Soundbar

  • Unplugging Soundbar: And if that doesn’t fix your problem, the fourth step is power cycling the soundbar itself. Now to do this, you want to unplug your soundbar from its power source.
  • Holding Power Button: And then when it’s unplugged, you want to hold the power button down for 30 seconds, and that’s going to power cycle the Vizio soundbar.
  • Reconnecting: After you’ve done that, let go of the power button again after around 30 or so seconds, plug the soundbar back in, and then try to use your remote again.

Software Update Requirement

  • Software Issue: And if that fixes the problem, that means that there’s a software-related issue with your Vizio soundbar, and you’re going to want to update the software that is on your Vizio soundbar.
  • Updating Guide: Now I’ll have a link posted in the video description that will take you over to Vizio’s website that will walk you through a bit more information on how you can go about updating the software if you have a Vizio soundbar that needs it.

USB Drive Update Method

  • USB Update: It’s not too complicated. You just need to put the update onto a USB drive and then plug that into the USB slot that is on the back of your Vizio soundbar.

Conclusion: Addressing Potential Software Issues

  • Power Cycling Result: Obviously, it’s not an ideal situation, but if the power cycling of the soundbar itself, step number four, was the issue, then you’re going to be in a situation where you’re going to want to update that software because you’re probably going to run into the same issue where your remote stops working.

Final Thoughts and Additional Resources

Those are the four different things that you can try to troubleshoot fixing your remote, again, making sure you have a direct pathway so that the signal isn’t getting blocked when you use your remote. And I’ll have a link down in the video description to provide you more information on how to update the software.

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