How to Pair Beats Studio 3 Headphones to Android

Hey everyone, it’s George here. Every day I happen to have a pair of Beats Studio 3 headphones here, and today we’re going to show you how to pair Beats Studio 3 headphones to an Android phone. It’s really quite simple to do, so let’s go ahead and dive right into it.

Accessing Bluetooth Settings on Android

  • Getting to Settings: Jump onto my Android phone here and show you how to pair your Beats Studio 3 headphones. First, we need to get into the Bluetooth settings here in Android. I happen to have a shortcut to my settings here on my phone kind of desktop. I could click on that.
  • Alternative Access: If you don’t have one of those, you can swipe down from the top and you should see a little gear or sprocket in the top right-hand corner. You can go ahead and tap on that.

Navigating to Bluetooth Settings

  • Entering Android Settings: That’s going to take you right into your Android settings.
  • Finding Bluetooth Options: Now from here, we need to find our Bluetooth settings. So if what I’m going to show you right now doesn’t work, you can go ahead and click on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner and just type in Bluetooth here, and it should take you to the correct spot. But for myself, I can just go ahead and click on connections.

Enabling Bluetooth

  • Activating Bluetooth: Right here you’ll see all the different connections. So I’ve got Wifi, I’ve got Bluetooth. That’s the one we’re looking for today is Bluetooth. So let’s go ahead and select that and it’s going to load up our Bluetooth settings. If yours is off, you’re going to want to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on.

Preparing Headphones for Pairing

  • Pairing Mode for Headphones: Now you can see that it’s going to want us to have our headphones in pairing mode to find them. So what we can do, let’s jump over to my headphones here and on these Beats Studio 3 headphones, there’s a button here right on the one side, and you can go ahead and hold that down for about 5 seconds. The lights will start flashing.

Pairing Process

  • Scanning for Devices: Once those are flashing, on your Android phone, there is a button here at the top that says scan. Go ahead and hit scan. And that puts your headphones into pairing mode, and your phone is searching for them.
  • Selecting the Headphones: So you’ve got your paired devices list here. If you keep scrolling down, you should see the devices that are available. And towards the bottom, now it says Beats Studio 3 available devices there. Let’s go ahead and tap on that.

Finalizing the Connection

  • Completing the Pairing: You can see it says pairing there. Bluetooth pairing request, pair with Beats Studio 3. We’re just going to go ahead and hit pair on our phone and it put them up in our paired area here. It should have right at the top, connected for calls and audio. Let’s go ahead and try them out.


And the audio is coming through them, and they work perfectly. So it’s really that simple to pair your Beats Studio 3 headphones with your Android phone. So I hope this tutorial was able to help you connect your Beats Studio 3 headphones to your Android phone. If it did, make sure to give this video a thumbs up. Also, remember to connect with me on social media and subscribe here on YouTube. I’d love to have you join the Northern Viking community. Thank you so much for watching today, and until next time, take care.

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